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Our Story from Mark Rodli on Vimeo.

Mark was born and raised in Missoula, MT, by a godly Christian family. Although missions had been a key element in my life before Northwest University (NU), it was at NU that God laid the foundation and desire for further pursuit of a life of ministry in missions. After graduation from Northwest in 2004, Mark was approved as a missionary associate with the Assemblies of God and served in Thailand all of 2005. Mark returned from Thailand to Seattle, WA, to attend Fuller Seminary (Northwest). Mark was licensed  with the Assemblies of God at the end of 2008 and later Ordained in 2014. In 2009, Mark graduated with my M.A. in Theology at Fuller Seminary, and started the application process to come back to Thailand as a career missionary.

In June of 2011, Mark returned as a career missionary with the AG. It was only a few months later that Mark met his future wife Sunny in Thailand at language school. Sunny is from Seongnam, South Korea (Seoul area). She was also born into a Christian family. In fact, Sunny is a fourth generation Christian tracing her Christian heritage to at least the early 1900s in a country that was historically very Buddhist during that time. Sunny has her B.A. in Performance and a M.A. in Drama Therapy, but has felt God leading to Thailand to minister to the lost and unreached.

In early 2015, we headed back to Thailand for our second term with our first child, Ella. She is a wonderful little girl who is growing up so quickly. We were able to continue in ministry while raising Ella, but we were not finished. half-way through our term, Annie, our second girl was born in Bangkok (2016). Life has been an adventure ministering and raising these wonderful little girls together.

Throughout our lives before and together, God has given us a heart for the lost, especially those who have never even heard of the name of Jesus or what He has done for us. Thailand is a country that is less than one percent Christian. In the slum communities and Central Thailand, that percentage is even less. God loves all people, and those who have not had a chance to hear about Christ’s lordship need that chance. It is hard to look into the dark hopelessness of people trapped in reincarnate cycles of despair. Please pray for the Thai people and us as we obey God’s commissioning.